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 Products: Domain name software, Secure remailer

Available Domains Pro

This award-winning program is an enchanced version of Available Domains Standard. It brings you a new domain generation mode "Quick Mode". This mode allows to select several Themes (or categories) such as General, Business and so on, and a few keywords. With this innovative technology you can easily generate a lot of domains for General, Business or other web sites. It's perfect for the brainstorming when you know just a few words that a domain name should contain and a category for your web site. Also Pro version calculates domain rating (link popularity) in Google, Altavista, Yahoo, Alexa and average popularity. This tool is a great time-saver for your business!

Available Domains Standard

This fast and easy-to-use program is a reliable domain checker. It reports domain availability, expiration dates and other domain information. You can enter desired domains manually, import them from file or the program will generate them for you. Domain name generator accepts your own keywords, you can change order of their appearance in the domain name and even more! You can check trademarks related to a domain, register suitable domains through your favorite Registrar, export them to file or send via e-mail. This domain checker is the most reliable domain checker on the market!

Active Direct Mail

This easily configurable remailer is designed for sending e-mails in a quick, reliable and secure manner directly to recipients. This cost-effective solution works fine for both commercial mailings and personal correspondance. ADM makes sending e-mail more enjoyable.
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