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...Available Domains Pro saves an incredible amount of time, and it is a wondeful brainstorming tool...

Available Domains is a feature-packed, convenient and fast utility to choose and register a desired domain name...


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Available Domains Software - Overview

Available Domains Standard is a feature-packed, convenient and fast domain checker that finds attractive website addresses for your personal or business web site. It has an ultimate (524 TLDs) database, integrated Domain Name Generator, customizable user interface and more. You can populate the domain list manually, generate it from keywords or import it from file. The domain list can be exported to file, sent via e-mail. This program checks multiple domains availability simultaneously and you can start/stop checking all domains as well as specific domain at any time. This program is the best domain checker on the market!

What It Can Do For You:

Check domain list for availability
Import domain lists in any format (even from web site) and quickly check them in multiple connections. Export results in text or CSV (Excel) format.
Check Expired Domain lists
Import domain lists in any format and quickly check them in multiple connections. The software correctly determines and shows you Expiration Date and also predicts when domain is going to drop. Domain colors changes as it's moving close to Deletion Date. From Not Available (RED) to Available (GREEN). Export results in text or CSV (Excel) format.
Generate Domain Names
Generate website names using various combinations of keywords. Powerful options allow you to easily find domain name you need.
Manage Your Domain Names
Keep track of your domains so that none of them could expire unnoticed.

Why this software?

Save Time
Fast and easy to use program with user-friendly interface, convinient menus, tray icon... Instantly enter, generate or import domain names... High performance domain checker... Yes, it's a great time-saver!
High Performance
This program can simultaneously check up to 20 domains. And even if you use dial-up connection, you can check up to 120 domains per minute. For usual cable connection, the speed is about 720 domains per minute. We've done everything to reach the maximum speed of domain checking for your network!
High Reliability
Domain name checker doesn't give up when your network or Registrar's server fails. It can retrieve domain information from several servers using several protocols and it uses the best choice. This intelligent technique saves your traffic and attempts to don't abuse Registrar's server!
Ultimate and Up-to-date TLD database
TLD database used by the program contains 524 TLDs and always updated when new TLD is added by ICANN or Registrar changes its server. Usually you don't have to download the whole program, TLD database updates can be downloaded within the program in a few seconds.
Available Domains Standard is great for brainstorming when you know just a few words that a domain name should contain. Text Mode is a domain name generation mode that creates all combinations of entered keywords including a hyphened domains (optionally). Order of keywords can be defined, such as Start, End, Middle, Number of Order, and their combinations. Available Domains Pro has more brainstorming capabilities.
Easy Domain Management
It allows you to manage all your domains from a single point. Type in your domain names, or import them from text file. Then you can check their availability, expiration date, Registrar and domain owner records. Results can be saved, exported, or even sent via e-mail!
Domain Name List is easily managed: you can find and delete particular domains, or filter them by expiration date, sort the whole list by any field, lookup or stop particular domain or a group of domains. Domain Name List columns such as Domain Name, Availability, Expiration Date and others can be easily resized, you can change their order and visibility.


Available Domains Standard is a perfect way to find and manage your domain names!

User Reviews (5 reviews)

"The AVD Std 3.0 looks sweet... Very impressed with new features!"
- Kevin.

"I came upon your product on Tucows.com and am very impressed. My company manages quite a large number of domain names using various registrars. Your product is useful to me in that it allows me to maintain our domains by generating a list sorted by expiration date...
Thanks for making an absolutely fantastic product! "
- Mark Callahan.

"Thank you for a wonderful product and your QUICK RESPONSE to my email."
- Rich.

"Software is great, I'll be waiting for something new."
- Eric.

"Thank you for such a great program. I really appreciate all your hard work and the very reasonable price you charge for it."
- Roman.

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